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Traffic Information

Hangzhou has a fully integrated transportation network of railways, harbors and civil aviation. All the major traffic information are listed below.

Flight Information

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
Hangzhou is serviced by the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, which has direct flights to Japan, Thailand, Korea, and Singapore, regional routes to Hong Kong and Macau, as well as numerous domestic routes. Located just outside of the city in the Xiaoshan district, it is one of the major secondary international airports in China.

Hangzhou Railway Station

Hangzhou Railway Station and the significantly less modern Hangzhou East Railway Station serve the city centre, from which one can catch a train to Shanghai and almost anywhere in China. A Shanghai-Hangzhou Maglev Train Line has been proposed. North, east, south and west long-distance bus stations offer regular large and small coach services to towns within Zhejiang province and surrounding provinces.

Hangzhou Long-Distance Highway Transport

There are four main long-distance bus stations in Hangzhou including East Bus Station, South Bus Station, West Bus Station, and North Bus Station. Different bus station has its own destinations, each one differs with no overlap, and each station's routes are set according to the destination.


Boat trips from Hangzhou to Suzhou or Wuxi along the Grand Canal are available. Boats often depart at night and arrive the destination in early morning. This service is usually only available in summer or peak seasons. Travellers should check availability when planning this trip.

Public transport

Public transport within Hangzhou is primarily in the form of an extensive public bus network. As the city area is so flat, bicycles were traditionally and are still popular with the less well-off residents, though many now use electric bicycles and scooters. Taxis are also very common. The construction of a subway system had long been planned, and recently received approval from the central government. The completion of the first two lines is expected in 2010.